Foreign employees can apply for BSN (Dutch social security number) in writing

Last update: May 29th, 2020

Due to corona measures, it is sometimes not possible for a foreign employee to go to the respective municipality in the Netherlands to apply for a citizen service number (BSN) in the Netherlands. In such cases the application can be done in writing. You can apply for a BSN by sending a letter to the Dutch tax authorities.

The application letter should include the following information:

  • the reason of application (for example for work in the Netherlands);
  • the address details of the employee abroad;
  • the telephone number or e-mail address at which the Dutch tax authorities can reach the employee;
  • a copy of a valid ID;
  • a declaration of residence from the country of residence (via the municipality where the employee lives) in Dutch, German or English. The residence certificate or other document may not be more than 6 months old. If getting a certificate of residence is a problem, the Dutch tax authorities will also accept a copy of a recent gas, water and light bill or other document proving residence;
  • filled out form “Request citizen service number for allowance partner (abroad)” (although this form is created for a different situation).

The letter should be sent to the following address:

Dutch tax authorities
P.O. box 2892
6401 DJ Heerlen
the Netherlands

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29 May 2020