Developments Reimbursement Fixed Costs (TVL)

This reimbursement is meant for companies (including the self-employed) that have suffered a turnover loss of at least 30% during 3-month periods, to help them pay their fixed costs.

Q4 2020

The final application for TVL Q4 2020 started on March 18. 78,000 entrepreneurs will receive a request for final application in the coming weeks and the remainder of the TVL Q4 allowance.

Q1 2021

The European Commission approved several adjustments to TVL Q1 2021 on March 16. Due to the complexity of the implementation while the application period is opened, the adjustments are implemented step by step. The application period for TVL Q1 2021 will be extended by 2 weeks; until May 18, 2021.

Q2 2021

The Dutch government decided to further expand the reimbursement for Q2 of 2021. The subsidy percentage is adjusted to 100% (formerly 85%) and is subject to approval by the European Commission. It is expected that the TVL Q2 2021 will be opened in the second half of May.

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24 March 2021