Customs measures supporting entrepreneurs

Customs will support entrepreneurs who get into problems due to COVID-19

Due to the corona crisis, many entrepreneurs may temporarily not be able to comply with their payment obligations pursuant to the customs regulations and it may not be possible to observe all the deadlines and customs formalities. Customs will support entrepreneurs who get into problems for this reason by providing a set of measures. Deferral of payment is included in these set of measures. For the full set of measures, please click here.

On application, the Dutch customs will grant entrepreneurs a deferral of payment. This deferral applies to the 15th of the month following the month in which the increased corona measures come to an end. The request for deferral of payment should be filed once the excise or consumption tax assessment has been imposed. 

The request should be sent by e-mail to the recipient of Customs Amsterdam:

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02 April 2020