Curfew in the Netherlands extended

Last update: April 20, 2021

On April 13, 2021 the Dutch government announced further extension of the curfew until April 28, 04:30. The curfew applies from 22.00 until 04.30 in the morning. Breaking curfew can be penalized with a monetary fine of €95. The amended forms stating the new hours are available. On April 20, 2021, the Dutch government announced that the curfew will be abolished after April 28, 2021.

Employer's Curfew Declaration required during curfew

Employees who are required to travel during these hours are required to have an employer’s declaration stating the commuting requirement or their required physical presence to perform the work. Templates of these declarations are published several languages. These templates are downloadable from the governments' website.

Employees travelling during curfew should carry two declarations:

  1. A completed 'Employer's Curfew Declaration': The employer completes this declaration per employee and the declaration may cover the entire period of the curfew. The declaration includes the days and times that the employee breaks curfew for work purposes. This could be a recurring pattern (every week on Monday and Tuesday) or a continuous period or possibly just one or a few days. We advise to be as specific as possible. Please note that: merely wearing work clothes is not sufficient.
  2. A completed ‘Personal Curfew Declaration’: This declaration has to be completed by the employee. The employee is responsible for the correctness of this declaration. A consecutive period may be included.We note that the weekend is considered as an interruption of such consecutive period. A recurring pattern as included in the employer’s Curfew Declaration would not be possible.

Other remarks:

  • Volunteers cannot receive an Employer’ Curfew Declaration;
  • For international drivers, a consignment note/freight letter is sufficient. This does not apply for national logistics.

Self-employed person (ZZP) and temporary worker (uitzendkracht)

A self-employed person should also possess a 'Personal Curfew Declaration'. The 'Employer's Curfew declaration' is also completed by the self-employed person but includes the (company) name and contact details of the client. If there is no client, the details of their own business are entered. The hirer will have to fill in and sign it for temporary workers.

Please note! Signing the employer's statement is only necessary if the form is printed (hard copy).
If the form is completed digitally, it does not have to be signed. The employer must declare on the form that the form has been completed truthfully.

Download declarations

You can download the declarations below (in English):

- Employer's Curfew Declaration
- Personal Curfew Declaration

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